The 3 BIGGEST Product Creation Mistakes

These mistakes are the reason why so many people fail. And it’s why so many products sit on the “shelf” and collect virtual dust.

Do NOT even think about creating a product without reading this first…

Mistake #1: Creating products that are based on your interest in a particular topic.

You should have an interest in your topic. But if you want to create aprofitable product, it has to be a topic that your customer wants.

It’s not about what you want. It’s about knowing what the market wants and creating products that they want to buy.

Mistake #2: Assuming you know what the market wants.

Even if you understand that you need to create products that people want to buy, you can’t assume you know what they want without doing the proper research.

You have to know, without a doubt, that people are willing to buy what you want to create. And the easiest way to find out is to make sure that people are already buying similar products.

Mistake #3: Trying to make it perfect.

Money loves speed. And the faster you can finish your product, the sooner you can start the marketing process, which is where all the money is made.

It will never be perfect. And it can always be better.

If it delivers value, then it’s good enough. Just get it out there.

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