Eat That Frog!

I have a question for you…

What is the ONE thing you are doing TODAY to grow your business?

Back in 2007 I read a book by Brian Tracy called, “Eat That Frog”. The premise of the book was that most people stay busy doing things that really don’t make a difference and avoiding that ONE important task that will have the BIGGEST impact on their career (or in our case, our online business).

It’s the most difficult task to complete. But as Jack Palance said in the movie City Slickers, “It’s that ONE THING.” The one thing that will have the BIGGEST impact on your business.

So what’s that ONE THING? What is that FROG you have to eat every morning for breakfast to make that BIG change?

I don’t know what it is for you, but for me it’s that ONE THING that I keep putting off. It’s that ONE THING that may be out of my comfort zone or takes a lot of courage like making a phone call to a prospective JV or creating a video series for a new product.

It’s a lot easier to just respond to emails or blast an email to your list for the latest product that everyone else is promoting.

You know…the “busy work.”

But when you shift your focus each day to doing the ONE THING that is the NEXT thing that will get your goals accomplished, the results you will get in your life and your business are AMAZING!

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Success is awarded to those who help others, spread goodwill, and take action.

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