Do You Want to Make BIG Money Online?

A lot of people these days are struggling to make big money because they focus on short-term profits and don’t want to put in the work that it takes to build the back end sales process.

They sell a $7 WSO with a $17 upsell and make a few hundred bucks, then start all over again not knowing that they’re missing out on thousands.

What about you?

Is that one of the things holding YOU back from making BIG money online?

And by the way, “BIG money” can mean different things to different people. $36K a year online could change a lot of people’s lives…

Enable them to quit their jobs, go full time online, and spend more time with family and friends.

A corporate executive working 12 hour days to pull down $200K per year would need a lot more to sustain the lifestyle he or she has sunk into.

Either scenario requires more than just selling a $7 WSO. For successful marketers, that’s just a self-liquidating offer to get buyer leads. The BIG money is in the back end sales process.

Here’s the thing – if someone joins your list, it generally means they need help.

But is your $7 WSO REALLY going to solve ALL of their problems?

I doubt it…

But what if you were to REALLY work with the people on your list, talk with them, personally help them with their challenges, and find out what they really need to be successful?

Could you then create a membership site and charge $27 a month?

Could you create a group coaching program and charge $297 per month?

What about a done-for-you sales funnel setup for $497 that you could outsource for $50?

And then promote all of these back end products in an autoresponder series that provides value and offers exactly what your audience wants.

Sounds like a LOT of work right? That’s why most marketers don’t make enough to live the lifestyle they crave.

But think about it…

Even if it took you six months to build that back end sales process, would it be worth it if you were making $3 or $4 per visitor instead of 50 cents on a $7 WSO?

So if you want to make BIG money online, you have to look at the BIG picture, build your sales funnel, and focus on long-term profits.

If you want to create profitable products that your market wants to buy, check out my:

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It’s a multi-media course that shows you how to:

  • Create your own multi-media course
  • Set up your order-pulling sales funnel
  • Build your membership site
  • Set up your affiliate resource page
  • Launch your product and get affiliates to promote

You get over 4 hours of over-the-shoulder video training, audios, and PDF checklists to keep you on track.

Just think…you could have your own product generating sales in six weeks from right now…

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