4 FREE Tools for Creating Screen Capture Videos Online

Online Video

The speed of the average Internet connection has really change the way we communicate and do business online. And video is quickly becoming the new standard for creating content online – especially for Internet marketers like us. Not only can you use video to create and sell your products online, you can use it to communicate with staff and outsource … Continue reading

How to Make $10K Per Month Online

How to Make $10k Per Month

When I first started with this online business, my first goal was to make a consistent $3000 per month so I could quit my day job, work when I wanted, and spend more time with the family. That took about a year, but it was a good feeling to tell my boss to take a hike. My next goal was … Continue reading

Shady Email Marketing Tactics?

Email Marketing

I’ve been teaching people how to build a list with email ad swaps, followup swaps, and thank you page swaps for years now. It’s a great way to get new leads and if you sell your own products, you can kinda “trade” the leads who don’t buy from you for new ones.   But there’s a new breed of email … Continue reading

My Simple, Step-By-Step System for Setting Up an Automated Email Money Machine


I’ve been working on this new system for the last 6 weeks and it’s been doing very well for me. So I thought I’d share it with you.  This system will automatically build a relationship with your subscribers, reduce spam complaints, increase open and click rates, and make you money even if you leave on vacation! Here’s how it works… To get … Continue reading

Did You Get the Latest Gizmo?


I have three questions for you: How long have you been online? How much money have you made? Have you ever bought a product that promised traffic and/or money at the push of a button? If you answered “No” to number three, you’re in the minority. Either you’re smarter than most people or you haven’t been online very long. It … Continue reading

Extreme List Building System Overview


Today I want to share with you, how to set up what I call an “Affiliate Sales Funnel” so you can make money immediately after a subscriber joins your list. An affiliate sales funnel includes: • A high-converting affiliate offer• A squeeze page with a quality, free offer• A download page with related offers• A followup sequence with quality content … Continue reading

It’s Time to Reprogram Your Brain


Marketing online has become much more difficult and complex over the past few years and the marketing messages that you’ve been consistently exposed to about succeeding online has caused most entrepreneurs to feel overwhelmed and exhausted from all the hype. The typical online marketer wants you to believe that you can make money working just two hours per week and spend … Continue reading

How to Stop Criminals from Hacking Your WordPress Site

Don't let hackers destroy your business!

I was devastated… All of my order links and affiliate links had been changed and hundreds of dollars had already gone to some hacker’s PayPal account. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I got an email from Google saying they had temporarily frozen my account! How could this happen? I used passwords that I thought were impossible to hack. So … Continue reading

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